Sailing Before The Wind was founded in 2011 in tokyo, Japan.

■Current lineup

Ryoichi        - Vocals
(2015/1~),live member
Kosuke        - Guitar(2015/1~),live member
Daisuke       - Guitar
(2015/1~),live member
Bitoku         - Bass(2011~)

■Past Members

Kneeya  - Vocals(2011~2014/12)

Matha   - Guitar(2011~2011/12)
takaya   - Guitar(2011~2014/12)
Hitomi    -Guitar(2011/12~2013/1)
Yuuki     -Guitar(2013/3~2013/12)
Hiroaki   -Guitar(2014/3~2014/10)

sHiN      - Drums(2011~2013/1)
yoshito  - Drums(2013/3~2013/9)
Daich     - Drums(2013/12~2014/10)

Haruki    - Drums(2014/10~2015/12,2016/12/18),live member

■Support Members
yuya(ex-Obelisks)                                     - Support Guitar(2014/1~3)
akishun(Starless Set Fatality)                - Support Guitar(2014/11~12)
Katsunori(Cyclamen)                            - Support Guitar(2014/10,11)
Kairi(ex-Beyond Her Words)                         - Support Guitar(2017/4~)

Hibiki(Sever Black Paranoia/ex-A Ghost of Flare)- Support Drums(2015/11~)
Hiroki(C-GATE)                                    - Support Drums(2016/6~)